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WebBSC Introductory Offering

During introduction phase following WebBSC services can be ordered:


Try the demo application to learn about WebBSC free of charge and without any obligation.


Start Service (optional)

If you order "Start Service" ARGE WebBSC creates a start configuration with 6 customer-selected key performance indicators to be presented in the cockpit and 3 report diagrams for your WebBSC.

€ 50,- one time fee


Ordering "Standardlicense" you get the right to use WebBSC for 1-5 parallel users.

15,- per month

Help to get you started

Start Workshop (optional)

During "Start Workshop" ARGE WebBSC helps you defining your basic WebBSC configuration. By using your business results, WebBSC is configured to your basic needs and ensures you a quick start. (Duration of "Start Workshop" up to 1/2 day).

€ 120,- one time fee*

Data Service (optional)

With "Data Service" ARGE WebBSC does for you a regular upload of your new data on a monthly basis.

€ 40,- per month

Special Workshop (optional)

During "Special Workshop" ARGE WebBSC helps you defining and creating your advanced WebBSC configuration. The result enables you an in-depth use of WebBSC to monitor and control your business effectively. (Duration of "Special Workshop" up to 1 day).

€ 240,- one time fee*

* Call-Out fee for 50 km included



Take advantage of the attractive introduction prices (German language text only).