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Balanced Scorecard

The well established management concept "Balanced Scorecard (BSC)" supports business strategy development based on the strengths of the organization. It enables managers to implement the defined strategy while monitoring the business progress measured by well selected key performance indicators and thus keeping the strategy objectives always in view. Many Management Information Systems for big enterprises are based on the Balanced Scorecard Method. And also WebBSC for SME is based on this well established concept.

Key Performance Indicators

The Cockpit provides a company-specific, informative view to the newest values of your key performance indicators in concise traffic light arrangement. Clearly arranged options allow you a detailed view into various aspects of your business. 

Interactive Diagrams

The Report Module of the WebBSC presents exactly those diagrams that you need for your business decisions. Within Reports Module you can:

  • Define your own Reports and corresponding diagrams
  • Zoom to the charts
  • Selecting / deselecting charts within diagrams

Extensive Configuration

We take care of your individual requirements.

During the installation of the system we will do adjustments to the Cockpit and the Report Module specific to your business based on your requirements.

Data updates can be regularly made by the user through the preconfigured data upload function. The most recent data will be available in the WebBSC for all displays and reports immediately after the upload.

Works on all devices


WebBSC provides quick access to the most recent development of your business from your Office-PC as well as mobile access from your tablet or smartphone if they are connected to the Internet.